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Good luck to everyone that auditioned! Hope you made it!

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So… I was watching “Pacific Rim” the other day.

… and it spawned this lovely crossover. <3

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Photoset: Nostalgia Critic: “Bloodrayne" Review. Screencaps  (2/3)

Screencaps from the opening/ending sketches of the review.

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90’s Kid


90’s Kid’s LupaxHim fanfiction is a poorly written but over 100+K word masterpiece. “And then Loopa went to get her sexii dress on with the AWESOME low cut boob holes!!1!!”. He has attempted multiple times to get Lupa to listen to the whole thing, but she leaves about five pages in.

…Shall I dare say fic it. -Miss

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The Ballad of Linkara subtitled in Russian.

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I disagree, because I don't think the cult fits in the main TGWTG universe
Anonymous asked

…I don’t know what the context for this response was. Sorry? ^^;; -Miss

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What do you think would have happened if MissingNo. tried to consume the plothole?
askrosedust asked

A very pixelated universe? -miss

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Linara vs Pinkie Pie (chess)

Submitted by 

(LOL! Pinkie Pie always wins at chess! -Miss)

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Finally posting my pics from Anime Midwest. This is me with Lewis Lovhaug, Brad Jones, Nash Bozard, and Doug and Rob Walker. 

I had a ton of fun at this con, going to their panels, and even getting to chat with some of them for a bit! And yes Lewis loved my costume :D 

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My first attempt at drawing Linkara.

Deviantart link:

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Mechakara would hate Holokara. He’s all the worst things he hated about his own Linkara but he’s technically an AI.

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Well, I never seen an Linkara and Hellsing mash up yet.Till now. -Miss

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