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Does anyone else besides me want Todd and Linkara to do a cover together of Kings of Leon and Sugar Ray?
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I know who Sugar Ray is but I don’t know the other one. -Miss

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Meeting Again

As I lay the flowers on my son’s grave I felt the tears creep up on my eyes. Though it may have been six years since the accident, the memory was still fresh in my mind. The drunken idiot that tore off, not caring that he hit a young boy. The same young boy that my husband ex-husband was clutching. My son’s eyes wide and terrified. I shook my head to clear my thoughts. As terrible as it was I have to stay strong. Not like my ex-husband always drinking and crying for hours on end, not letting anyone near him even me who was suffering just as much, letting his life just spiral downhill! Calm down Carol, no sense in thinking about the past.

It was getting late so I left the graveyard and headed on home. On the way I passed by the new night cafe. The applause could be heard from out hear as the customers cheered for whoever was on the stage tonight. Looking at the sign I froze as I saw his name there. He was here? Performing of all things. I decided to go inside to see if it was true. After the waiter seated me and took my order I looked toward the stage. There he was. He just came on in front of a roaring crowd The music started up.

How sweet it is to be loved by you
How sweet it is to be loved by you
I needed the shelter of someone’s arms
There you were
I needed someone to understand my ups and downs
There you were
With sweet love and devotion
Deeply touching my emotion
I want to stop and thank you baby
I want to stop and thank you baby

It is amazing, he looked like every bit the man I once knew. But how? The last time I saw him there seemed no hope for recovery. I just sat there and watched him sing his heart out. His voice swooning the women in the audience. After his show ended and I finished my dinner I preceded to leave the cafe. As I left the exit I heard a voice. “Carol is that you?” I turned around and saw him, surprise evident on his face. After a few moments of silence I finally said, “Hello Harvey.” “What are you doing here?” he asked. “I was passing by and saw that you were performing here. I wanted to see it for myself. Surprised to see you back on the stage.” Harvey smiled and said, “Yea I’ve been back for a while now actually…..How have you been?” “I’ve been doing well,” I told him. After a few seconds I said, “Well it was nice seeing you again.”

I turn to leave when I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Wait, before you go…let me just say…” “What?!” I interrupted. “‘I’m sorry that I was a total selfish jerk and I want you to come back to me.’ It’s been three years since our son’s death, it’s to late to apologize!”
“It is, I was, and I am and that’s all I was going to say. I was a mess. I pushed you away and you didn’t deserve that. So I understand that you don’t want to see me again. I just want to let you know that.” I looked at him, surprised that he said that. Harvey gave a sigh and said, “See you around, I guess,” and with that he left. Not knowing what to say I turn and left myself. Although I had a feeling that I would see him again.

(Harvey’s POV)
As I headed towards the others that were waiting for me I heard the idiot yell “DUUUUDE! Who was that chick you were talking to? Is she your girlfriend?” “No you moron she’s just an old friend,” I explained. He just smiled and nodded his head, “That’s cool Dude.” I shook my head and looked over to where Carol was just was and I wondered if I would ever run into her again.


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Atop the Fourth Wall: AT4W: SCI-Spy #6


This was such a boring comic. The opening should be giffed. -Miss

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Remember Me

Remember Me

An AT4W Fanfic For Fanfic Week 2014

Plot Summary: Jaeris, having had one too many, and Linkara trying to keep Jaeris from doing something stupid, are at the bar when Linkara notices a magical looking weapon, Linkara inquires about the item, revealing some more about that strange quiet little town.

Warnings: Mention of Killing, Several OCs, Drunk!Jaeris, and mention of Charlie

A/N: First Attempt at an AT4W fan fic, hopefully it’s not that bad… :D

Please enjoy


Linkara was seriously regretting taking Jaeris to the bar. The long haired man was on his 6th mug of the strongest beer at the bar and was drunkly hitting on anything that he had eye contact with. Linkara was able to shoo away the drunken women to make sure the music critic from another world wasn’t going to be taken advantage of.

"This song," Jaeris slurred. "Is the greatest song I’ve ever seen in my life!"

"You don’t say…" Linkara said slowly as the bartender came over to them to check on them.

“How’s everything going guys?” The bartender, Mike, asked as he cleaned the glass that Jaeris was trying to kiss, making the music critic hit the bar top with his face. “It’s almost last call…”Linkara nodded and was about to drag Jaeris out before he noticed that Mike had what appeared to have a 1920-era pistol attached to his belt.

“What is that?”

“Hmm?” Mike followed Linkara’s gaze to the gun. “Oh, um…well it’s my gun…it’s doesn’t actually work…” He admitted, embarrassed and nervous. “The boss lets me keep it, since it’s…the only thing I have left…” Linkara felt a chill down his spine and despite the answer he knew he should ask.

“…How did you get the gun?” Linkara asked slowly. Mike smiled slowly, as if he didn’t quite want to remember.

“I was only 10 years old at the time…” He said softly as the memories came forward. “When he disappeared…and the she went away…”


“Wait up! Wait Up!! Guys Wait up!” a little boy whimpered as he struggled to catch up to a 13 year old girl and a 16 year old boy in the small town that was never on the map, or know to the outside world. “I told you two to wait up! I can’t run as fast as you two!!” The 16 year old laughed as the boy caught up.

“Sorry Mikey, it’s just too much fun to go out and run!” The boy laughed as he fixed his bowtie as ‘Mikey’ caught his breath. “And besides the dame here is the fastest here, so you better yell at her.” The girl snickered and punched the older boy’s shoulder, as if embarrassed. “I’m only kidding! Sheesh! You have an iron fist, doll-face…” The girl went ever redder, almost as red as her firey hair and tackled the boy and both the younger ones tickled and wrestled the older boy, all three laughing. After laughing it up for a while, the trio laid down and stared at the sky.

“So…um…Margaret?” Mikey asked slowly. “Isn’t your birthday coming up soon?” The young girl chuckled and propped herself up.

“Of Course, it’s Friday!”

“Um…so…What do you want for your birthday again?” The red head paused as she thought, both boys propped themselves up to look at her.

“I know, you guys remember that box in the store the other day?”

“The one with the lady with black hair?”

“Yeah! I really want that! I bet it will make me look so grown up!” Both boys looked at each other and smiled; unaware to the red head, they had already gotten her gift. However, she caught on. “What are you two up too?” She asked playfully.

“Charlie? Can we give it to her now?! Come on! Please???” Mikey asked, nearly jumping up and down with excitement, not hiding it very well. The older boy laughed as he pulled out a poorly wrapped box out of his knapsack. “Happy Birthday!!!” Margaret’s eyes widened with glee as she opened the black hair dye set.

“Oh wow…I don’t know what to say…” She said happily before she embraced the two in a tight hug, earning an embarrassed blush from Charlie and a bright beam from Mikey. “Thank you so much you guys…”

“Oh don’t worry dollface, we’re friends…” Charlie mumbled under his breath.

“And partners!” Both the older kids looked at him. “What?”

Several days later, on a gloomy Friday, Mikey was sitting alone in his home. It was normal for his parents to be gone for a while and leave him alone in the house; they were always needed at the church and he was still wasn’t old enough to go (though he believed that it was because he couldn’t sit through anything and his parents didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of the fancy pants of the other parents). He had read all the books at least twice and tried calling Charlie and Margaret’s phone numbers but the home voice mail was nonexistent. He groaned in annoyance before getting an idea.

“I’ll go to the church!” He said aloud to no one. “I’ll see if they need help with Margaret’s party!” Margaret’s parents were the ‘head honchos’ as Charlie often put it, or more often than not the ‘big fishes’ of the church, so it made sense to the naïve ten-year-old boy that there would be a large party for the girl. He locked the doors as thunder began to roll across the sky. Mikey gulped nervously but took a deep breath. “I am a brave boy. Just like Charlie.” And there he went to the church.

The stench was horrible as soon as Mikey opened the door. He fought back hacking and throwing up as he moved his way forward.

“…Hello?” He asked, his voice echoed back. “Is anyone here?” He kept walking forward, hoping to find someone before becoming face to face with a person that was bandaged and bloody and looked very angry. “O-Oh…um…” He gulped and looked at her. “H-Hello…ma’am…I’m looking for somebodies…Can you help me?” Mikey realized that was a stupid question as the person glared at him as if he was filth. “Oh, well, I should tell you who they are-,” The person seemed to stop him and stepped aside showing a bloodied scene of bodies scattered and a familiar body draped on the altar, having been murder for the sake of their god. Mikey was left speechless as he tried to keep control and not cry. It couldn’t be her, no it couldn’t be…she’s only 13…what would their god need her for now?

“Michael…” Mikey looked around, trying to find the voice before looking at the person. He couldn’t see her lips move but he hoped he wasn’t going to lose it. He turned to see one of the people that were at the church on a constant basis, though usually standing outside to guard against snoopers, stumbling closer to him. “It failed…the weapon failed…” Mikey shook his head, confused. “Michael…come here…our god still needs its weapon, please…come here…” Whether it might have been the blood all over the man or the crazy look in the man’s eyes. Mikey stepped back.

“N-N-No! I don’t want to! I just want to find Charlie! And Margaret!” The bandaged person looked at Mikey as the man frowned.

“Finevoice and the girl are dead.”


“Neither accepted their fates and were punished for it. Now you must accept your fate or face the same fate!” The little boy screamed with fear as he ended up tripping, falling on his rear, and closed his eyes as the man came closer. Mikey heard a sickening lurch sound and a weak groan and then a thud. He kept his eyes closed and whimpered.

‘Mikey…’ Mikey kept his eyes closed and whimpered. ‘Mikey, he won’t hurt you anymore…but you need to run away…”

“Charlie, I’m not going to leave without you or Margaret!” Mikey yelled without caring who heard him. He felt a light hand on his shoulder and when he looked up, he could have swore he saw the 16 year old boy kneeling at him, being a comfort. He saw the sad smile on Charlie’s face. “I won’t!”

“I’m sorry boy-o…it can’t happen right now…but maybe later…Me and doll-Margaret have to escape here…but in a different way…” Mikey sniffed and rubbed his nose.

“Is…what he said true?” There was a long pause.

“About as true as my old being a fan of those stupid fuzzy monsters.” Mikey couldn’t help but laugh; he had only met the man once or twice, but Mikey knew he wasn’t the type of guy to be a fan of such cute and kid-stuff. “Mikey, I wish I could help you here, but I can’t…I don’t know what they did, but I’ll see you soon.” Mikey saw Charlie look around before looking back at the 10 year old. “Go to my house and pick up that box that’s under my bed and then run as fast as you can away from the town, got it?” Mikey nodded slowly as he got up.

“Charlie…promise me you’ll remember me? And Margaret too…” Charlie smiled and winked at the boy.

“As long as you remember us too Kiddo,”


Mike took a long pause before sighing.

“And so I went to his house and took the box with this in…and ran. Ran till I came here…and the rest is history I guess…” The trio was silent for a second.

“Holy crap…that was the saddest…” Jaeris began before he fell into a rage of hiccupping. Linkara shook his head, annoyed by the gunslinger before looking at Mike. He knew that there was a good chance that he was talking about Margaret, but he had no clue who Charlie was.

“I’m still waiting…for them…” Mike mentioned off-handily. “Though I feel that maybe that old man was right…that they died at the church…” He sighed sadly before looking at the time. “Well…looks like it’s time for you guys to go, See ya later…” Linkara nodded and managed to get Jaeris to leave and as soon as they left, Mike took the glasses off the bar top and began to put them into the sink as he felt someone whisper in his ear. Mike looked up and turned his head as he barely saw a 13-year-old red waving at him. Mike smiled softly and waved back as if he waving at old friends.

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"You can’t have your pudding if you don’t eat your meat!

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One time Dodger told me she had an idea of an AU where all the AT4W characters are birds

It’s called Atop the Fourth Perch and Linkara is a bald eagle

The conclusion here is that I can’t draw birds but I might draw more later

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Aug 31st to Sept 6th


There are two important rules about this week.

1. No 18 plus stuff. At all.

2. Please use spell check.

That’s it. HAVE FUN!

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I love my collection

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I mean come on, she’s a gun, she’s a computer on a spaceship, don’t pretend this isn’t at least Sitcom material.

*Ba dum pssh*

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I was archive-binging on AT4W and came across one of the episodes where Linkara repeats the “Peter Parker is a science major” gag and criticizes comics for having people major in “science” or be a “scientist” instead of a biologist or physicist or whatever.

While I totally agree with him, I can’t help thinking that’s what’s up with Doctor Linksano.

Linksano: “Will you people stop scraping yourselves up? My doctorate is not in medicine.”

Linkara: “Yeah, what is your doctorate in, anyway?”

Linksano: “In SCIENCE!”

Linkara: “…but…”

Linksano: “SCIENCE!”

Same probably goes for Insano, too.

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D20 Live from Con Bravo is up!